Throughout his career, Daniel has played a key role in developing both the DVD and digital download industries. Starting out as a Videotape Editor at Technicolor, he soon helped found the team at Technicolor Content Services (TCS) that would set up the company’s award-winning DVD Encoding Department. In 2004, he created TCS’s UK Assets Department, securing contracts from major Hollywood studios as well as smaller independent film and music labels. By the time he left TCS, he had helped develop the DVD departments in London and Los Angeles from four people to over 200.

Daniel was next invited by Arts Alliance Media to develop their digital download and encoding business, creating the specs for Europe’s first legal film download service. He was a key figure in developing EST (Electronic Sell-Through) for digital film rental at AAM/LOVEFiLM.

In 2006, Daniel became a founder member of Vode Ltd. Realising things could be done better, Daniel formed Digit with Daniel Payne in 2008.